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    • 21 Day Loan Process

      Fast mortgage service comes standard at CrossCountry Mortgage, Inc. We can close most loans in as few as 21 days. We understand that when you’ve found a home that you love, you want to start enjoying it as quickly as possible.

      STEP 1

      I'll work closely with you to obtain all documentation within 7 days of the date of your application, ensure that it’s complete and accurate, and submit it to loan processing for review.


      STEP 2

      A loan processor will review your documentation within 24 hours and complete that review within 2 days of receipt. The processor will then submit your loan to underwriting.


      STEP 3

      Your loan will be assigned to an underwriter who will complete an initial review within 24 hours. If any conditions are required, your loan will be sent back to the processor to clear them and prepare for closing — all within 7 days of the underwriter’s initial review. Once complete, the loan will be sent back to underwriting for final review and approval.

      STEP 4

      The underwriter will issue a clear to close (CTC) and assign the loan back to the processor who will inform all parties of the CTC, verify the closing date and time, and place the loan in the closing queue. The closer will have 24 hours to provide closing documentation to the settlement agent.

      STEP 5

      You’ll attend the closing with your agent and sign all remaining documentation.

    • Mortgage Checklist

      The following information is usually required during the loan process. Additional documentation may be requested.


      Your government-issued photo ID

      W-2s for the most recent two years

      Federal tax returns for the most recent two years

      Pay stubs for the past 30 days

      Bank statements for the most recent two months

      The purchase contract to your new home

      Most recent copies of asset/retirement account statements

      The declarations page of your homeowner’s insurance

    • Home Buying and Refinance Guides

      Feel free to download the guides below

      Home Buying Guide

      Our free guide to buying a home provides all the information you need to understand the home financing process, the loan options available to you, and why buying a home may be better than renting.

      Home Refinance Guide

      Our free guide to refinancing a home covers available refinance programs, the benefits of refinancing, and the process to refinance a loan.